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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

house warming

We had a house warming a few weeks ago here are some photoes from that night, Claire was very popular with 35ish friends i had 3 loale frends :-)


Blogger d said...

oh man, i SO wish i coulda been there. looked like much merriment which is rad :)
big hugs to the both of ya, and to bert and tony too. i miss you fullas.

12:04 pm

Blogger KILO said...

Had a good night mr mackie. Thank you for inviting us. And it is fun being one of the loan friends.

4:34 pm

Anonymous Twinkletoes said...

Hi kilo - are you on loan or were you alone - or simply lone?
I wish I could have been there too - just like NY Eve :-)

5:42 pm

Blogger KILO said...

Firiffic and i were both there. Was a good night, had fun even if I was stuffed from working on the coast to coast and sunburnt like a savaloy.

8:23 pm


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