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Monday, February 26, 2007

take two

Ok ill try this again, I had writen heaps this morning but the internet cafe computer craped out on me and my time was up has a stupid home made browser. briz is great hot and sticky walk most of the cbd inbetween confrence times the pick shown is a bogenviller walk which goes for 1km through were the 88 world expo was. havent spent any money so far only on thisstupid computer and on a big mac as aparently they tast shit here compared to nz. stayed up late last night watching tv mostley to see all of the diffrent adverts its like living in an episode of cath and kim as well. well better go i think this will be my only post over hear so guys this is your post card :-) Love J


Blogger Mr Mackie said...

whoops the phot has the rhp thing on it as i stole it from another site got heaps of better pics on my camra which ill show when i get home

10:40 pm

Anonymous Twinkletoes said...

Hvae you seen M and T yet???

5:34 pm

Blogger Mr Mackie said...

will tonight

11:06 am

Anonymous lil mac said...

Hey i know its been a while since you wrote your blog but i've finally got round to it.Hi.
P.S. its your little sis

1:04 pm


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