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Monday, March 19, 2007

Wet Scooter

Had a good weekend scooting around Canterbury, I fund a huge puddle which was a foot deep so i turned my scoot into a jet ski :-) was a little dirty after several splashes, I happened to be out at the same time as some big Harly Davidson rally. I was filling up at one gas station were one Harly guy was asking where the nearest place was to get a bike puncher fixed I replayed "you should of got a vespa as they have spare tires" he didn't look happy


Anonymous Twinkletoes - mod said...

Ooooer. You shouldn't take on big leather-clad bikies. Mods and Rockers and all that :-)

5:40 pm

Anonymous Twinkletoes said...

Ha ha - I like the picture. Is the lady in front using one of those new fold-up scooters?

5:42 pm

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