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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Facebook and new scoot site for chch

Well I have finally updated the Canterbury scoot clubs Canscoot - Christchurch website. also i have been a sheep and joined face book, great for catching up with old buddys!


Blogger TobyRicketts said...

The new site looks great mate. I hope we get lots of people using it!

10:28 pm

Blogger KILO said...

Mr Mackie,please put my blog in your links http://kilonz.blogspot.com/

Cheers Mate

5:53 pm

Anonymous TERRY said...

Hi I have just been on canscoot site saw your blog, had a email from Bruce as I will be visiting NZ next year, I see you lived in Llandudno North Wales for a while I am just down the coast near Rhyl a small town called Kinmel Bay. Been a scooterist since 1980. I own 2 lambretta's GP200 + LI 150.

8:22 pm

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