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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


OK tomorrow is pay day and I have no money and no food in the cupboards apart from one lonely wheat biscuit, so I had the bright idea of riding my little Vesper 40 kilometres to the nearest Denny's which is 24/7 for a big feed at 12:01am when my pay is in. What do you think??

tagged by f4tty

four things

Four jobs i’ve had
1. Making Burgers
2. DJ
3. tutor
4. Art gallery Tech

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. Amilie
2. Blade Runner
3. The English Patient
4. Space Odyssey 2001

Four places I’ve lived (I can do more)
1. Manchester, UK
2. Dargavile, NZ
2. Geelong, Vic, Aus
3. Whangarei, NZ

Four tv shows I love
1. Star Trek
2. Star Trek Next Gen
3. Star Trek DS9
4. Star Trek Voyager

Four places I’ve vacationed
1. Austria
2. Portugal
3. Scotland
4. Great Barrie Island, NZ (Work but was like a vacation)

Four of my favourite dishes
1. Curry (any)
2. Italian (any)
3. Greek (any)
4. Chocolate sauce on a beautiful ........... Uhmmmm :-)

Four sites I visit daily
1. BBC News
2. stuff nz news
3. ScootWell Forum
4. DJForums

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Iceland
2. Hong Kong
3. Manchester
4. Wherever Natalie Portman is right now (same as f4tty but when hes out getting the milk)

Four people I’m tagging
1. Ryan
2. Alliedocious
3. zv470
4. Kay


Kind of windy when i woke up. The house were i live is in one of the windiest spots in Wellington which is the windiest city - town - place, in New Zealand. I added a weather info thing on the right >>>> its a bit ugly and doesn't give the wind speed but if you click on it you will get more info.

Monday, February 27, 2006

lawn Bowls

Well after work a few mates and I decided to head of to the Newtown Workingman's Bowls Club for a game of Bowls and some cheep beer. You get free membership if your a Radio Active card holder which only cost $1. Had a tournament which i won then had another game with kiff and got my ass kicked. We then headed home to watch the Top Gear Winter Olympics which we downloaded as we missed it on TV.

(very early )Morning walk

my flat mate (f4tty) and I have just this last week started walking, ok "early morning walking " 6am up and off we go we get into his little nosey French car and drive down the hill to the beach and walk as were to lazy to do the hill thing. This morning we walked to a mates house (Kiff) and chucked little stones at his window, but didn't wake him so well try tomorrow :-)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The First Post

Hello all, I have joined the masses and I have now got my self a blog.
Well ill post what i get up to each day no matter how boring or exciting, we will see.
Ill have to warn you now my spelling is awful!

Ok, today was spent mostly in bed curing my headache which was coursed by the cunsuption of too much alcohol the night before, at a Barbie and lumberjack party, which i have memory of. Today I stumbled around and moaned till around 2pm till my flat mates girlfriend offered to give me a deep-tissue massage which was only resulted in more moaning. At the time it was extremely painful but has left my back feeling wonderfully relaxed. Thanks Rose :-)

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